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Fishing Upstate NY

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Sandy Pond Ice fishing 1/9/13

Posted on 10 January, 2013 at 17:50 Comments comments (112)
I fished North Sandy Pond of of the Elms Golf Course with Mike Brassard on 1/9/13. The fishing was slow as we expected but we did manage to catch 3 pike and about a dozen keeper perch. We also released many small perch. 

We were fishing 12 feet of water. We were fishing with 7 tip ups, 3 tip downs and jigging in the shanty. Most of the perch came on the jigging rods. Two of the pike came on the tip ups and one on a tip down. 

As stated we expected the fishing to be slow as the perch were unable to enter the pond from Lake Ontario this year due to low water. 
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Wayne-o's Guide Service in 2013

Posted on 3 January, 2013 at 0:48 Comments comments (64)
2013 is here at I am already hard at work making changes to my website with the hopes of making it more enjoyable and useful for my guests. As most people I have set some goals for the new year.

  1. Make Wayne-o's Guide Service a more enjoyable and useful website.
  2. Expand my business to the Salmon River Reservoir.
  3. Build a new site that will be more interactive, share my knowledge, and share my stories. Fishing tips and stories
  4. Help more people catch fish and have a great time doing it. 

I truly love being a fishing guide and I hope that 2013 gives me the chance to do more of it. There is nothing I like more than taking a picture of someone holding their first salmon or steelhead. Well maybe teaching someone to fly fish and watching them catch their first fish. You get the point, I love to guide and love to teach. 

If learning a new fishing technique such as fly fishing or float fishing is on you 2013 bucket list I would be be glad to help you accomplish that goal. Maybe you just want to catch a big walleye or try ice fishing. No matter what your goal for 2013 give me a call, we will turn your goal into an accomplishment. 
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Ice Fishing 2012-13

Posted on 26 December, 2012 at 11:09 Comments comments (23)
With cold weather finally upon us most people's minds are turning to ice fishing. I know I am getting the itch to get out on the hard water. If we get the temps that they are calling for I would say we should be on the ice by the weekend. 
Remember to use caution make sure there is at least 4 inches of ice before fishing. Always take someone with you and make sure you have rope and ice spikes in case one of you does go through. If you are unsure of the ice thickness bring a spud and use it on your way out. I am going to take a drive tomorrow and check some local conditions. 
Here is a list of places that normally lock up first in the Upstate NY area.
  1. Lake View
  2. Black Lake
  3. Six Town Pond
  4. Sackets Harbor 

These places are in no specific order. They are just areas where there is public access that I have been able to get on the ice early in the past. 

Don't forget if you can't get out on the ice, the steelhead fishing has been great on the Salmon River. I am offering drift boat trips on the Salmon River and Oswego River all winter long. 
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New Ice Reels

Posted on 24 December, 2012 at 9:35 Comments comments (33)
I have been doing some research on the new style ice reels that have hit the market in the last two years. These are the straight line reels that look like small fly reels. They claim to be better due to the fact that the line comes off the reel straight eliminating lure spin. 
I have heard from different people that the drag systems are no good on these reels. I checked them out at the Gander Mountain First Ice Show this year and found this to be true on the cheaper models. As someone who spends most of his time on the water fly fishing these reals naturally appealed to me. I will be purchasing one in the next week or two. Has anyone used one of these reels yet? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
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Oswego River Fishing 12/19/12

Posted on 23 December, 2012 at 16:35 Comments comments (75)
Wednesday the 19th of December was a cold morning at just 34 degrees when I launched the boat. The plan was to pull plugs and drift beads and egg sacks for four hours on the Oswego River. The water was up to 11,400 cfs and the wind was blowing strong out of the north west. When Jason, Chris, and Nick arrived I told them the wind was going to make float fishing tough and we would probably just pull plugs.
We all loaded into the boat under the Route 104 bridge on the Oswego River and I showed them how the reels work and what lures we were going to start with. We put out 2 jointed Rapalas and one hot shot down the middle. We were still on our first pass when the first fish hit. Nick landed a nice 4 pound brown on the hot shot rod. As you can see by the picture it wasn't even completely light out yet.
The wind made it tough to keep the boat where I wanted to be but we keep at it for another hour with out a hit. I changed the two jointed Rapalas over to hot shots. We were back in the same area in front of Old City Hall when the middle rod doubled over again. This time Chris brought a nice 3 pound male Brown Trout to the boat. Now I was looking in the box for more of that color. The problem was I only had the one that was on the rod and the hook was now bent. I changed the hook out and put the lure back out wondering how I only had one in my box. It is a practice of mine to never have just one of any lure in the boat. There would be nothing worse than having a guest catching fish on a lure and losing it only to find out I don't have another. We fished for another 40 minutes with out a another hit and it was time to go home with just 2 fish landed that morning. The fishing was tough probably due to the increased water flow and drop in temperature. The fish had not had a chance to adjust. 
That night I got online looking for more hot shots in that color. I quickly learned why there was only one left as they are not made in that color any more. I got on eBay right away and ordered up 6 more at a premium price. That is the great thing about the internet, you can find lures that are no long made as long as you are willing to pay for them. 
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Pinning Small Water

Posted on 6 November, 2012 at 7:58 Comments comments (160)
Float fishing with a center pin reel has become one of the hottest ways to fish for steelhead. It's many advantages include precise depth and speed control along with a very natural and long drift. When fishing small streams many people believe there is no advantage for the pin due to the short drifts and shallow water that is commonly found on these waters. This is far from true. 
These smaller waters often have small pools and short runs that are perfect for float fishing.  The pin gives your the advantage of being able to precisely run your bait through each section of these pools and runs. 
You will want to change your setup to match the water you are fishing. One problem with small waters is they often have over hanging trees and brush that can get in the way when fishing with the long rods normally used when pin fishing. There are to options you can choose from to fix this problem. The first is buying a second center pin set up with an eleven and a half foot rod. I like the St. Croix personally. However this is a costly fix especially if you don't fish small waters all that often. The second option is to put your center pin reel on the nine and half to ten and half foot noodle rod you probably already own. This will cut down on the distance you are able to cast but on small streams it is not an issue. 
The other setup change that will need to be made relates to the low clear water you will often be fishing in. The floats you normally fish on larger waters will often be to large. They will either make to much splash when entering the water or will easily be seen by fish due to the short leaders you will be fishing. I recommend get some floats ranging from 4 grams to 2 grams for fishing these streams. This will allow you to fish shorter leaders and cast quietly. 
Don't forget you may want to drop down to 4 pound leader material when the water is low and clear. 

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Small Stream Salmon

Posted on 15 October, 2012 at 12:38 Comments comments (19)
People often ask me when is the best time to come to the area to fish the smaller waters for Salmon. I always tell them from Columbus day weekend through the end of October. Some times it is earlier but most years we don't get the needed rain until this time.

These smaller streams are not dam regulated like the Salmon and Oswego rivers therefore if we don't get enough rain the fish stack up in the mouth of the rivers and wait. This presents a whole new chance to fish small streams for Salmon. Some of these streams have public access near the lake but others will require you to get permission from landowners. These waters are often over looked as most anglers focus on the mouth of the Salmon River for estuary fishing.

Once the rain does come these waters fill up with fish. They can be extremely productive first thing in the morning before the sun gets to high and the crowds show up. These waters are often shallower than the bigger waters therefore the fish spook much easier then they would on say the Oswego river.  Fish early and fish with light tackle and you will have a blast. I recommend no heavier than 12 lb. test and I normally don't fish over 10. Make sure you have small split shot with you when the water is low so you don't spook fish or get snagged a lot. 

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New Feature

Posted on 12 October, 2012 at 15:19 Comments comments (50)
This is going to be a new feature of my website. My blog will be where I share my fishing and hunting, and other outdoor stories. I will also give tips for all things outdoors. I will try my best to keep it updated on a regular basis so there will always be new content for you to read.

The 2012 Salmon Season has been amazing and looks like there is still more to come. The Salmon River will be bumped up to 285 cfs at 8 tonight and that should bring even more fish into the river. 

Check back for more soon. 
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