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Fishing Upstate NY

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Oswego River Fishing 12/19/12

Posted on 23 December, 2012 at 16:35 Comments comments (75)
Wednesday the 19th of December was a cold morning at just 34 degrees when I launched the boat. The plan was to pull plugs and drift beads and egg sacks for four hours on the Oswego River. The water was up to 11,400 cfs and the wind was blowing strong out of the north west. When Jason, Chris, and Nick arrived I told them the wind was going to make float fishing tough and we would probably just pull plugs.
We all loaded into the boat under the Route 104 bridge on the Oswego River and I showed them how the reels work and what lures we were going to start with. We put out 2 jointed Rapalas and one hot shot down the middle. We were still on our first pass when the first fish hit. Nick landed a nice 4 pound brown on the hot shot rod. As you can see by the picture it wasn't even completely light out yet.
The wind made it tough to keep the boat where I wanted to be but we keep at it for another hour with out a hit. I changed the two jointed Rapalas over to hot shots. We were back in the same area in front of Old City Hall when the middle rod doubled over again. This time Chris brought a nice 3 pound male Brown Trout to the boat. Now I was looking in the box for more of that color. The problem was I only had the one that was on the rod and the hook was now bent. I changed the hook out and put the lure back out wondering how I only had one in my box. It is a practice of mine to never have just one of any lure in the boat. There would be nothing worse than having a guest catching fish on a lure and losing it only to find out I don't have another. We fished for another 40 minutes with out a another hit and it was time to go home with just 2 fish landed that morning. The fishing was tough probably due to the increased water flow and drop in temperature. The fish had not had a chance to adjust. 
That night I got online looking for more hot shots in that color. I quickly learned why there was only one left as they are not made in that color any more. I got on eBay right away and ordered up 6 more at a premium price. That is the great thing about the internet, you can find lures that are no long made as long as you are willing to pay for them.