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Fishing Upstate NY

Do I need waders? 

Waders are not required but are recommended for drift boat trips on the Salmon River. Waders allow you to get in and out of the drift boat with out getting wet. They also allow you to fish from outside of the drift boat. Many times the drift boat is used to get from spot to spot and you will be fishing from the shore. 

There are a few exceptions. If we have high water on the Salmon River and you primarily want to plug fish you can get away without waders. 

Another exception is when night fishing in the mouth of the Salmon River. 

Also waders are not required when fishing the Black River and the Oswego River as all our fishing will be from the drift boat. I do still recommend waders as they will help keep you warm and dry. The seats of the drift boat do get wet at times and can hold water.