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Fishing Upstate NY

Have you always wanted to learn to fly fish? Maybe you seen people fly fishing and thought that looks fun.

There are a couple of ways I offer to teach you how to fly fish. You can book any Salmon, Steelhead, Brown Trout, Pike, Bass or Panfish trip and I will teach you as we go. Just call and let me know you want to fly fish but never have before. That is no problem for me. In less than an hour I will have you casting and we will work on your technique throughout the day.

If you don't want to try to learn something new with people around there is another option. Book a summer time learn to fly fish trip. I will take you on the Salmon River and teach you whatever techniques you want to learn. In the summer there is virtually no one on the river but it is still full of trout, bass, and fall fish eager to take a fly.  

This gives you the chance to learn the techniques needed to present a fly to a hungry Steelhead with out the pressure of other anglers watching. The fish you will catch along the way are an added bonus.

Steve's first trout while fly fishing the Salmon River, NY. We were floating the Salmon River in my drift boat.

This was Steve's first trout on a fly rod. He caught it in the Muskrat hole while floating the Salmon River with me.