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Company Message

Fishing Upstate NY

Why should you hire me as your guide?

I grew up fishing the Salmon River area.

I know not only the Salmon River but also many of the smaller tributaries in the area. This means I know where the best fishing is at the time.

I live here.

Living in Mexico, NY is great. I am only 20 minutes from the Salmon River, 30 minutes from the Oswego River, and 50 minutes from the Black River. This means I can fish all of these waters and everything in between all year long. 

I will give it my all.

Making the customer happy and catching them fish is very important to me. I will give 100% when it comes to making your trip successful and enjoyable. 

I will not yell at you.

This may make you laugh but I have heard of more than one guide yelling at their customer for making a mistake. This will not happen with me. Mistakes happen. I don't expect you to be an expert fisherman. 

I will teach you.

I am very patient. I taught myself how to fly fish at 9 years old. I have taught many people different techniques. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing someone catch their first fish of a certain species or using a new technique.